The Chancellor

Southam Hall officially opened in 1962, with additions being completed in 1965. In addition to the Kailash Mital Theatre, Southam Hall currently houses offices and classroom facilities, and Instructional Media Services.

Upon graduation from Trinity College, Harry Stevenson Southam worked at the family’s printing plant in Montreal. After his father purchased the Ottawa Citizen, Southam joined his brother Wilson Mills as co-publisher of the Ottawa newspaper.

Southam played an integral role in the founding of Carleton College. Besides being an early member of the Ottawa Association for the Advancement of Learning, Southam provided the financial backing that allowed Carleton to secure its first home, the former Ottawa Ladies College on First Avenue and Lyon. He was also pivotal in purchasing the land on which Carleton is presently situated. Harry Stevenson Southam was appointed Chairman of the Board of Governors (1947-1952) and was made the University’s first Chancellor (1952-1954).

Newspapers, like life, must always reflect the strongest principles of truth, integrity, and honesty. Only by being truthful with oneself, can one be truly be content in mind and body. That is the essence of life.