The Philanthropist

Norman McLeod Paterson is known and respected for his philanthropy.

As a young man, Paterson joined his father in the grain business and soon started his own company, Paterson Grain.  In 1940, he was appointed to the Senate of Canada where he served for forty years, retiring in 1981. He supported the Ministerial Assistance Fund of the Presbyterian Church and the St. John Ambulance Association. In 1945, King George VI made him a Knight of the Order of St. John.

Aside from working with Carleton College, and later, Carleton University, Paterson was the first Chancellor of Lakehead University. He served as Chairman of the Carleton College Building and Development Campaign in 1957, and on the University’s Board of Governors. In 1959, Senator Paterson was awarded an Honorary Doctor of Laws from Carleton. 1965 saw Paterson facilitate the establishment of the eponymous Norman Paterson School of International Affairs (NPSIA) through a generous donation.  Since its creation, the school has risen to international notability.

…we may have the courage and faith to carry on, to take hardships that may come, and to look forward to victory and peace.