The Minister

Murdock Maxwell MacOdrum (1901-1955), an ordained Presbyterian minister, studied at Dalhousie University, graduating with a Bachelor of Arts in 1923, proceeded to McGill University where he obtained a Master of Arts degree the following year. In 1925 he participated in a teacher’s exchange, which took him to Glasgow, where he received his Doctorate in Philosophy. Upon his return in 1927 he continued his studies at Harvard, and was thereafter appointed lecturer at Kings College, Dalhousie, and then at Queen’s University. 

MacOdrum began his career at Carleton with an appointment as Executive Assistant to Dr. Henry Marshall Tory in 1944. The following year he was appointed Vice-President, and then President upon the death of Tory in 1947. Dr. MacOdrum was instrumental in the passing of the Carleton College Act by the Ontario Legislature in 1952. He would continue as President and Vice-Chancellor at Carleton College until his death in 1955.

The Civilized world cries out today for the leadership of men and women whose minds and hearts are right. It is the hope of Carleton College to make their students into such men and women.