The President

Arnold Davidson Dunton (1911-1987) received numerous other honourary doctorates from various Canadian institutions. Dunton was involved in the field of Journalism serving as Associate Editor at the Montreal Star, and Editor of the Montreal Standard. Dunton also served as the Chairman of the Board of Governors of the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation from 1945 to 1958.

Dunton came to Carleton as President and Vice-Chancellor of the University. Davidson Dunton was the fourth and most popular president of Carleton. He is the longest running President in the history of Carleton University, serving from 1958-1972. He was well respected by his peers and known as an approachable and understanding President. During the 1960’s, Dunton led Carleton University through a period of remarkable growth and expansion.

Some people have the idea that a University is run by its President. In fact, of course, it is run by itself, by its faculty, its Senate, its Board of Governors, and to some extent by its students. The President is in the middle of it all.

Dunton at CBC
Dunton with people
Dunton points or sees a pointer
Dunton is pensive
Dunton with other people
Dunton with large machinery
Dunton with a whole bunch of people