What's in a Name?

The What's in a Name? project reflects on the people after whom several buildings on campus were named.

From its founding and throughout its development, many of Canada’s foremost builders, politicians, business leaders, scientists, and custodians of culture have influenced Carleton College and University by investing themselves in its development. The buildings bearing their names stand as memorials to each individual’s contributions. In this sense, just as these leaders shaped Carleton’s intellectual landscape, so the physical layout of campus reflects the impact of these influential Canadians on the University.

Name Quotation The Person The Building

Some people have the idea that a University is run by its President. In fact, of course, it is run by itself, by its faculty, its Senate, its Board of Governors, and to some extent by its students. The President is in the middle of it all.

Dunton the man Dunton the building

If you think that when I started in this field, no one had seen a molecule in space, and now we can see them everyday. That by itself is quite a revelation.

Herzberg the man Herzberg the building

If one can learn to understand people, motivate them, inspire and work with them, anything is possible.

Loeb the man Loeb the building

The Canadian Encyclopedia has called C.J. Mackenzie “the single most important figure in the postwar growth of Canadian science”.

Mackenzie the man Mackenzie the building

The Civilized world cries out today for the leadership of men and women whose minds and hearts are right. It is the hope of Carleton College to make their students into such men and women.

MacOdrum the man MacOdrum the building

…we may have the courage and faith to carry on, to take hardships that may come, and to look forward to victory and peace.

Paterson the man Paterson the building

A university degree doesn’t come – and shouldn’t come—without a lot of hard work and years of application…over your entire life, it will be the benefit of the process you have been through.

Robertson the man Robertson the building

Newspapers, like life, must always reflect the strongest principles of truth, integrity, and honesty. Only by being truthful with oneself, can one be truly be content in mind and body. That is the essence of life.

Southam the man Southam the building

The University is, in fact, virtually the only place where science can be pursued for its own sake.

Steacie the man Steacie the building

Don’t be afraid of knowledge. Keep your hearts clean and your heads high. Let duty to God and country occupy first place in your thoughts, an honorable and useful future awaits you.

Tory the building