Longue-Pointe Log Book


Upon arrival at Montreal-Dorval International Airport, Ugandan Asian refugees were welcomed and transported to a reception centre at Longue-Pointe, Canadian Forces Base Montreal. Refugees were given accommodation, meals, resettlement services, and winter clothing at the base before moving on to settle in various places across the country.  

One of the officers who assisted at Longue-Pointe reception centre was Chief Warrant Officer Randall of the Canadian Armed Forces. C.W.O. Randall recorded information from each incoming chartered flight of refugees from Uganda. For each flight he recorded in a register the family names of the incoming passengers, the number of bags carried with them, and the information for their destination.

The log book was donated to the Uganda collection in 2016. It is a unique document that gives insight into where the newcomers initially settled in the days following their arrival to Canada. It also provides travel information about the chartered flights from Uganda, and the ways in which people travelled to their next destinations within Canada.   

A PDF version of the log book (44.75MB) is available, as well as a searchable spreadsheet (.xlxs) of the information provided.  The physical copy of the log book is available for viewing with the Uganda collection at Archives and Research Collections, Carleton University Library.