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The Ugandan Asian Archive Oral History Project

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Ginette Leroux

Ginette Leroux was a stenographer working in the Central Processing Office for the Department of Manpower and Immigration in the early 1970’s.

Mike Molloy

Mike Molloy was one of the Canadian immigration officials who assisted in the 1972 Asian expulsion from Uganda. Working under the direction of Roger St. Vincent, Molloy was second in command at the Kampala office during the time of the expulsion.

It is important to capture the memories and experience of the South Asian people who came to Canada in refuge after their expulsion from Uganda. Over the course of the coming years, Archives and Research Collections will be working with the Ugandan-Asian community in Canada to collect oral history accounts of their collective past. While ARC recognizes the important histories of all South Asian and Indochinese refugees who fled their homes for Canada in the 1970s and 1980s, the first step in this very large project will be to gather an understanding of the Ugandan-Asian experience.  

This project is currently underway and will be ongoing. ARC is currently looking for potential participants for the Oral History Project.

Oral History

For more information about the Uganda Oral History Project please contact:
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