David M. Farr

David M. Farr

Professor Emeritus of History, Dean of the Faculty of Arts David M.Farr joined Carleton College as a Lecturer of History in 1947.

Farr was promoted to Assistant Professor of History in 1952, Associate Professor in 1957, and Full Professor in 1961. From 1952 to 1957, he was made Chairman of the Department of History, and was appointed Dean of the Faculty of Arts in (1963-1969). He was also Member (1974-1976) and Chairman (1977-1985) of the Senate Committee on Honorary Degrees. Throughout his academic career, Farr was involved in various University committees such as the Interfaith Committee, the Carleton University Press Committee, and the Promotions and Search Committees. He was named Professor Emeritus in 1987, upon his retirement.

This account is concerned mostly with Carleton’s beginnings and early history. The interview includes an account of more recent events and the evolution of the University. Particular attention is given to Davidson Dunton and his influence in shaping the university.

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August 3, 1999