Geographic Location Slides

The first series in the Lantern Slide Collection is Geographic Locations. This series encompasses lantern slides that relate to images from locations around the world. Most likely these were used as travelogues or to illustrate lectures.

Agriculture and Industry USA

A set of sixteen lantern slides depict images of the flour and milk industry in the USA during the early twentieth century. Several images of farm life and day-to-day activities are featured in this set. All the slides are labelled with “Keystone View Company Studios” which was an extremely large stereographic company in the twentieth century that started selling lantern slides in 1905 through their educational department. The exact dates for these slides are not known but it can be estimated that they are from 1905-1955. 

Lantern slide scan, horse drawn plow in field. Lantern slide scan, man filling milk bottles in factory.
First image: Cultivating a Field of Egyptian Long Staple Cotton, near Phoenix, Arizona. Second image: Filling Milk Bottles by Machinery​ 



Two slides feature images from Colorado’s Royal Gorge Canyon. One slide is an image of the Royal Gorge Hanging Bridge above the Royal Gorge Railroad Route. The bridge was built in 1879 and the slide’s image is suspected to be from around the same time. The second slide in this “set” has no label or manufacturing information but is assumed to be an image from the Royal Gorge Canyon as well due to the similarity of the slides. 

Lantern slide scan, Royal Gorge hanging bridge.Lantern slide scan, Royal Gorge Canyon scenery.
First image: Royal Gorge Hanging Bridge, Colorado. Second image: Royal Gorge , Colorado.


Mexico, Caribbean, Central America, and South America

There is a set of eight lantern slides that reflect images of Mexico, Cuba, Argentina and other predominantly Spanish speaking countries. These images display local wildlife, animals, and townspeople. Each lantern slide in this set is also labelled with “Keystone View Company Studios” the stereographic company from the 20th century that began selling lantern slides through their Education department in 1905. The slides are most likely from the same period as the U.S. agriculture and industry slides, 1905-1955. 

Lantern slide scan, local townspeople in a hut in Mexico City.Lantern slide scan, people cutting tobacco in Cuba.
First image: Home of the Peon, an Adobe Hut, Mexico City. Second image: Cutting Tobacco in Shade of Banana Trees, Province of Havana, Cuba.


Middle East

A set of nine slides feature images of the Middle East. The slides in this set are all published and from a series by C. Raad, a photographer and photo dealer from Palestine. He photographs political events and daily life in areas of the Middle East. The nine slides in this set cover “Views of the Holy Land” from Jerusalem and Gaza and are most likely from the 1930s.  

Lantern slide scan, Y.M.C.A building in Jerusalem. Lantern slide scan, praying inside of the Sepulchre.
First image: The Jerusalem Y.M.C.A. Second image: Interior of the Sepulchre. 


Miscellaneous Landscapes and Architectural Slides

Within the geographic location slides there is a set of ten miscellaneous slides. These slides have no captions or labels and no identifying publication or manufacturing information. The images on the slides do seem to be cohesive but there is not identifying information to provide a specific label or location. These slides are some of the only slides in the Lantern Slide Collection that are colourful and have been hand painted. 

Lantern slide scan, frontal view of unknown building. Lantern slide scan, unknown ruins.
First image: ARC 7. Frontal view of building. Second image: ARC 5. Ruins