The Lantern Slide Collection encompasses a variety of themes and represents the many ways in which lantern slides were used. The Geographic Location slides are an example of how lantern slides were used as travelogues. As well, the Education and Entertainment slides are an example of the storytelling and informational ways in which lantern slides were used. Since the 1840s, lantern slides have been able to delve into many different disciplines.

Lantern slide scan, kittens sitting at dinner table.
They had turkey for dinner.

The Lantern Slide Collection provides a unique resource for researchers who wish to look into the form of historical representation and photographic history that is lantern slides. By having a slide projector in  ARC, lantern slides as a visual tool can be fully understood and realized. The collection holds many different topics that can be applied to several areas of study. Images from locations around the world, wartime songs, and children’s stories can all be found in this collection. The Archives and Research Collections possesses a unique form of history that many researchers can benefit from. 

The John William Foster fonds also features a collection of lantern slides, the exhibit for this fonds can be found here