Lantern Slide Collection

Lantern slide scan, gathering of people.
ARC 1. Gathering of people

In 2017, Archives and Research Collections at Carleton University Library acquired a slide projector and several sets of miscellaneous lantern slides. The slides depict various geographic images and images used for education and entertainment ranging from 1862-1955. The projector is a Prado 500 made by the Ernst Leitz Wetzlar Company in Germany c. 1954.

This exhibit explores the history, manufacture, and purpose of lantern slides as well as their corresponding projectors. The exhibit uses ARC’s Lantern Slide Collection and the Prado 500 slide projector to highlight this information and shed light on a unique form of historical representation.

Unless otherwise noted, all material for this exhibit originates in the Lantern Slide Collection housed at Archives and Research Collections, Carleton University Library.