Lantern slide scan of TIbetan Yak.

A Tibetan yak, n.d.


The missions in South, North, and West China all contributed evangelic, medical and educational efforts on behalf of the United Church of Canada. These efforts have been preserved within these glass lantern slides now housed at ARC and tell a history of Christian Canadian-Chinese relations ranging from the 1890s to the 1940s.

The John William Foster fonds provides a unique resource for researchers who wish to look into the history of the United Church of Canada missions in China. Images of medical work, educational efforts, missionaries, town projects, scenery etc. all help to visually explain this history. Through textual records and physical lantern slides the researcher will be able to gain knowledge through both mediums to result in a more enhanced understanding of the topic and material at ARC. 

The Lantern Slide Collection also features 109 lantern slides, the exhibit for the collection can be found here