Jacques Dalibard: A Heritage Approach to Life

Portrait of Jacques Dalibard

Jacques Dalibard's papers and personal reference collection were donated to Archives and Research Collections, Carleton University Library in 2009 by Rina Dalibard. The Jacques Dalibard fonds is an excellent resource for those interested in the heritage preservation movement in Canada and internationally from the 1960's to the 2000's.

This exhibit explores the Jacques Dalibard fonds biographically and thematically to serve as an introduction to the collection and a stepping stone for its further use. The final section consists of a selection of documents from the collection, offering a greater in-depth look at Dalibard's own words. For more information about the Jacques Dalibard fonds, please visit the collection page or contact ARC.

Unless otherwise noted, all material for this exhibit originates in the Jacques Dalibard fonds housed at Archives and Research Collections, Carleton University Library.