Woodcuts of War-time China

Woodcuts of war-time China, 1937-1945, compiled by the Chinese Woodcutters’ Association, (Shanghai: Kaiming Book Co., 1946)

Library Call Number: NE1183 .C63 1946

This book contains one hundred leaves of plates showing woodcuts made as tools of communication and propaganda during the Second Sino-Japanese War (1937-1945). As the introduction states, “we have written our recent history in blood, and this book is a pictorial epitome of that part of Chinese history.” Though woodcuts have a long tradition in China, those contained in this book are based on a western style. The introduction of this western style of wood engraving and its dissemination throughout the 1930's led to the establishment of clubs dedicated throughout China and this establishment of a national organization, the Chinese Woodcutters' Association, in 1938. During the war, these artists used their skills to create wartime propaganda, and a uniquely Chinese style developed.

This book was acquired by ARC to support research in History, Art History, Communications, and research in propaganda and bibliography.

Cover and art from book, Woodcuts of Wartime China