Sandford's British Genealogy

Page from the bookFrancis Sandford, Lancaster Herald at Arms, A genealogical history of the Kings of England and Monarchs of Great Britain, &c. From the conquest, anno 1066. To the year, 1677.

Library Call Number: DA28.1 .S26 1677

A new acquisition for the rare book collection, Sandford's British Genealogy includes genealogical information and biographies of English and British Monarchs from William the Conqueror to Charles II. Though it provided no new information at the time of its publication, Sandford's work amalgamated existing knowledge accompanied by etchings of royal tombs and portraits.

Sandford’s position as a herald at the College of Arms brought him to document royal lineages and state ceremonies. His first major work, A Genealogical History of the Kings of Portugal, was Sandford’s first tribute to the royal family to commemorate the wedding of Charles II and Catherine Braganza, included a detailed account of the wedding ceremony. Following the book’s publication, Sandford was commanded by Charles II to produce an account of the death and state funeral of the Duke of Albermarle.

Sandford’s British Genealogy would be his major work, building on the systematic organization and extensive illustrations of his previous works. This book was planned during Sandford’s role planning the reconstruction of the College of Arms following the great fire of London in 1666. The book became a key reference on the subject.

Following the coronation of James II, Sandford recorded the coronation rituals which he published in The History of the Coronation of James II and his Royal Consort Queen Mary. This book was published shortly before the Glorious Revolution of 1688 and the establishment of William of Orange as monarch. In protest, Sandford sold his office and Lancaster herald. (Oxford Dictionary of National Biography)

Sandford's British Genealogy was acquired by ARC to support studies in History, Art History, Literature, and Design.

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