Conjuror's Magazine

Conjuror's Magazine interior art

Conjuror’s Magazine, or Magical and Physiognomical Mirror, in two volumes, William Locke, (London, 1791)

Library Call Number: BF1651.A55

Conjuror’s Magazine was a magic periodical which explored subjects from card tricks to occultism. The focus of the magazine became astrological, and in August of 1794 its name changed to Astrologer’s Magazine and ran for six more issues. This was the first periodical in which a group identified themselves openly as practitioners of magic.

This first volume advertises that the publication includes Lavater’s essays on Physiognomy. Physiognomy was the practice of interpreting an individual’s personality based on their appearance. This ancient pseudoscience experienced a period of brief revival during the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries once Swiss Zwinglian pastor Johann Kaspar Lavater’s 1775-1778 essays on the practice became popular. An ancient pseudo-Aristotelian work on physiognomy linked the practice to magic and divination.

This book was acquired by ARC as a part of the Art Latcham Magic Collection to support studies in History, Literature, Psychology, and Industrial Design.
Art from Conjuror's Magazine