Children's Drawings

As part of the Champlain 2013 commemorations, Reseau de patrimoine gatinois (RPG) sponsored a children’s drawing competition where school children were asked to draw a scene depicting the Encounter between Samuel de Champlain and the Anishinabe in the Ottawa Valley in 1613. A total of 138 drawings were submitted for the contest. Most of these pieces were drawn by children in third and fourth grade at Ecole Eardly, Ecole Masse, Ecole St. Jean Bosco, and Ecole des Rapides-Decherves in the Gatineau area.

Reseau de patrimoine gatinois, or the Gatineau Heritage Network in its English name, acts as the core communicative centre for the heritage organizations, events and activities hosted in the Gatineau and Ottawa Region. The RPG thus had a large role in the Champlain 2013 commemorative events. As such, the children’s drawings submitted to the contest were displayed at many of the commemorative community celebrations through the spring and summer months. The RPG also selected three contest winners and specially showcased these at the public events. 

These drawings offer insight into how children remember Samuel de Champlain and his visit to the Ottawa Valley. These drawings reflect the imagery and memories of this historical moment central to the 2013 Champlain commemorations.

Nature scene of Champlain portaging with two Anishinabe men along Ottawa River
Separated by the river, the Anishinabe men dance while Champlain watches
Two faceless Anishinabe men sing and dance beside the Ottawa River
Portrait of Samuel de Champlain
Champlain exchanging goods with Anishinabe men and women
Three Anishinabe shirtless men paddle canoe while a standing Champlain leads
Champlain and Anishinabe man singing beside a waterfall
Anishinabe and European men carry canoes while Champlain leads the way
Champlain presents gifts to an Anishinabe man as a symbol of peace
Nature scene depicting Anishinabe women canoing along the Ottawa River
The Anishinabe leader stands behind Champlain, close to a teepee
Champlain and an Anishinabe man canoe along the Ottawa River
Champlain exchanges goods with two Anishinabe women near the river
Anishinabe men paddle canoe while Champlain leads
Champlain and an Anishinabe male exchange goods as a gesture of peace