Titles in the Carleton Library Series

The Carleton Library Series is one of the most successful publishing ventures to date in Canada. With well over 200 titles published in Canadian history, politics, law, economics, sociology, anthropology, geography, science, business, and media studies. The series has made available texts integral to Canadian Studies, such as Lord Durham's Report, George Grant's controversial Lament for a Nation: the Defeat of Canadian Nationalism, and Canadian Economic History: Classic and Contemporary Approaches edited by M.H. Watkins and Hugh Murray Kenneth Grant. Each year, more such volumes on cornerstones of Canada’s past appeared, edited and introduced by historians from across the country under the direction of an editorial board consisting of Carleton University professors in English, History, Geography, Canadian Studies, and other disciplines.

The Carleton Library Series also helped keep key scholarly works of major historical interest in print. Among these are George Grant’s controversial work Lament for a Nation, and Peter C. Newman’s equally controversial critique of the Pearson era, The Distemper of Our Times. The CLS published the major Canadian historian W.L. Morton’s collected essays, Contexts of Canada’s Past, and a collection of writings on Ontario political culture by  S.F. Wise, a distinguished historian of Upper Canada and long-time Dean of Graduate Studies and Research at Carleton.

More recent titles in the CLS have examined issues in the development of national identity, economics, business, politics, culture, and specific moments in Canadian history.


Lord Durham's Report, Gerald M. Craig (the first volume published in the Carleton Library Series in 1963)
The Confederation Debates in the Province of Canada/1865, P.B. Waite (1963)
Money and Banking in Canada, E.P. Neufeld (1964)
French-Canadian Society, Volume 1, Marcel Rioux and Yves Martin (1964)
Lament for a Nation, George Grant (1970)
Renegade in Power: The Diefenbaker Years by Peter C, Newman (1973)
Shaping the Urban Landscape, Gilbert A. Stelter and Alan J. Artibise (1982)
A Wampum Denied, Sandy Antal (1998)
The Quest of the Folk, Ian McKay (2009)