Sir John A Macdonald Tapestry

One of the most notable items in the Wilson Collection is the unique hand embroidered tapestry sewn by the Conservative Ladies of the Gatineau Valley in the late 1880’s. This framed tapestry commemorates Sir John A. Macdonald’s funding of the Gatineau Valley Railway in 1888-1889. The tapestry features a caricature of The Old Chieftain bordered by lace with the inscription: “From a grateful and deserving people”. Unfortunately the Prime Minister died in1891 before the Ladies of the Gatineau were able to bestow the tapestry upon him.

Time Period:  Confederation - World War 1
Time Line:  1890
Type of Object(s):  Framed Tapestry
Political Party:  Conservative Party
Signed Item:  No

Sir John A. Macdonald Tapestry