Ehven Batchinsky

Items from the Batchinsky collection

Ehven Batchinsky was an influential political activist dedicated to the liberation of the Ukrainian National Republic.

After being arrested for his involvement with a revolutionary organization, Batchinsky was forced to flee the Ukraine, and settle in Geneva, Switzerland. While in Geneva, Batchinsky continued to support the views of the resistance through his work as the representative for Soiuz Vyzvolennia Ukrainy (The Union for the Liberation of Ukraine). Batchinsky was responsible for their official publication “La Reve Ukrainienne”, and became the deputy director of the Ukrainian Press Bureau, as well as editor of “L’Ukraine.” The Batchinsky Collection is a series of photographs and other records that document Ukrainian politics and pre-World War II history. The Batchinsky fonds consists of 105 meters of textual records including biographies and serial publications.

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