Selected Collections

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Richard Abbott

Richard David Abbott was an influential member of the student community during his studies at Carleton University.

Douglas Anglin Douglas Anglin

This collection - comprised of e-mail correspondence, newspaper clipping, internet searches, pamphlets, and notes - represents a lifetime of research by Carleton University Professor Emeritus Douglas Anglin.

Items from the Batchinsky collection Ehven Batchinsky

Ehven Batchinsky was an influential political activist dedicated to the liberation of the Ukrainian National Republic.

Architectural drawing from Bemi collection George Bemi

With over fifty years experience, George Bemi has produced over 400 designs and built over 200 public and private sector buildings.

Elizabeth Buckley Elizabeth Buckley

Elizabeth Buckley was instrumental in the development and establishment of Carleton University’s policies in admissions, class scheduling, examinations, and convocation ceremonies.

Carleton COVID-19 Archival Collection

Corporate Records and Archives and the Archives and Special Collections, MacOdrum Library, are partnering to establish a COVID-19 response collection.

Books from the Centre for Editing Early Canadian Texts Centre for Editing Early Canadian Texts

The Centre for Editing Early Canadian Texts is unique from other literary projects in that it was the first project in Canada dedicated to the preparation of scholarly editions of early English-Canadian prose.

Coll with other faculty wives Marg Coll

Marg Coll was a member of the Carleton University Women’s Association Faculty Wives from 1955 to 1971.

Members of the Canadian Officers’ Training Corps Canadian Officers’ Training Corps

The Carleton College Contingent of the Canadian Officers' Training Corps (COTC) was founded February 25th, 1949 with the intention of providing trained officers ready for use in the event of a national emergency.

Jacques Dalibard Jacques Dalibard

With a life dedicated to heritage conservation, the Jacques Dalibard fonds is an excellent source for information and research in the heritage preservation movement in Canada and around the world from the 1960’s to the 2000’s.

David M.L. Farr David M.L. Farr

Dr. David M.L. Farr was appointed to Carleton University’s Department of History in 1947, and has held numerous positions, including Dean of Arts and Professor Emeritus.

Muni Frumhartz Muni Frumhartz

Muni Frumhartz was an influential member of the Carleton University community, serving as President of the Carleton University Staff Association (CUASA) as well as on the University Board of Governors.

James Gibson James Gibson

James A. Gibson was the Dean of Arts and Science at Carleton before leaving in 1964 to become President of the newly founded Brock University.

Hilda Gifford Hilda Gifford

Hilda Gifford, Carleton University's first librarian, was responsible for cultivating, upgrading and transforming the Library’s permanent collection.

 Foster Griezic

Dr. Griezic is a Professor at Carleton University - Department of History and a member of the Ontario College of Education (Teachers College).

Right Honourable Ramon Hnatyshyn Right Honourable Ramon Hnatyshyn

The Right Honourable Ramon Hnatyshyn was established as Governor General and Commander-in-Chief of Canada on January 29th, 1990. 

Books from the W. McAllister Johnson Collection W. McAllister Johnson Collection

The W. McAllister Johnson library is a collection of over 1,700 titles, donated to Carleton University by W. McAllister Johnson, a retired professor of art history at the University of Toronto.

Wilfred H. Kesterton Wilfred H. Kesterton

Wilfred Harold Kesterton is a leading scholar in the field of Canadian journalistic history and law.

Margaret Wade Labarge Margaret Wade Labarge

Margaret Wade Labarge is a distinguished historian and author of several books, encyclopedia entries and journal articles concerning medieval history. For her work and dedication to her discipline, Labarge was inducted into the Order of Canada as a member in 1982.

Items from the Art Latcham Magic Collection Art Latcham Magic Collection

Previously housed at the Witchurch-Stouffville Public Library, Archives and Research Collections acquired the Art Latcham Memorial Magic Collection in 2012. It is comprised of books, magazines, and ephemera related to illusion, sleight of hand, and related subjects.

Paul M. Laughton with students Paul M. Laughton

Paul MacDonell Laughton was Professor of Chemistry at Carleton University from 1952 until his retirement in 1989.

Ross Love Ross Love

Ross Love was responsible for the successful execution of Carleton College's move to its current location along the Rideau Canal.

Maxwell MacOdrum Maxwell MacOdrum

Maxwell MacOdrum came to Carleton College in 1944 when he was appointed Executive Assistant to Dr. Henry Marshall Tory, President of the University.

Robert L. McDougall Robert L. McDougall

Robert L. McDougall was instrumental in the establishment of the Institute for Canadian Studies, and the introduction of the first graduate studies program at Carleton University in 1957.

Donald McEown Donald McEown

Donald McEown is the co-author of the book Creating Carleton: The Shaping of a University, the story of the creation and transformation of Carleton University.

Items from the Modern Poetry Collection Modern Poetry Collection

The Special Collection of Modern Poetry consists of poetry written chiefly in the English language since 1940 and published by small and private presses.

John Morton John Morton

Dr. John Morton was the sole professor and Chair of the Chemistry Department when he came to Carleton College in 1947.

Blair Neatby Blair Neatby

Blair Neatby is the co-author of Creating Carleton: the Shaping of a University, which documents the establishment and evolution of Carleton University.

Herb Nesbitt Herb Nesbitt

H.H.J. Nesbitt is often recognizable as the face of convocation at Carleton University.

Photo of Mikhail Gorbachev from the Novosti Collection Novosti Collection

Novosti is the former Soviet Press Agency, entrusted with the mission of promoting and embellishing the culture and society of the former USSR to the international community.

Logo of the Ottawa Ladies' College Ottawa Ladies' College

The Ottawa Ladies' College was established in 1869 with the objective to improve the quality of women’s education in Canada.

Photo of map focusing on the Central Experimental Farm. Ottawa Resource Collection

The Ottawa Resource Collection is located in Archives & Special Collections, room 581 MacOdrum Library. Ottawa area resources include maps, municipal & federal documents as well as local history and heritage materials.  

Books from the Fraser Taylor Collection Fraser Taylor

Dr. Fraser Taylor’s research in international development focuses upon on the relationship between geomatics and socio-economic issues.

Sydney Wise Sydney Wise

Sydney Wise was a Canadian Military historian. Wise's dedication as a pilot during World War II provided the inspiration to reserach many of his books, including an extensive history of the Royal Canadian Air Force (RCAF).